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School Clubs

The extra-curricular clubs run at St Nicholas include:

*   Sewing

*   Science (Summer Term only)

*   Strictly After School (Autumn Term)

*   Athletics (Summer Term only)

*   Judo

*   Board Games

*   Chess

*   Create Club

*   Environment

*   Junior Football 

*   Infant Football

*   Gymnastics

*   Cricket

*   Netball

*   Scooter and Laser Tag

*   Multi-Sports

*   Yoga


Music lessons are provided by The Rock and Pop Foundation and Berkshire Maestros.  Currently in school there are lessons in guitar, keyboard, clarinet and flute lessons.

More information and link for external Clubs

More information on the Club schedule and registration can be found under the 'Parents/Extra-Curricular Clubs' tab on this website.