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French Resources

All year groups can have a go at this homelearning exercise LE MONSTRE A FAIM. Do scan and e-mail your completed French stories to the school office! I would be delighted to receive them.  Mrs. Davis



Other French Home Learning Resources:


Free songs, stories and activities in French and Spanish
A Green Mouse


Free downloadable French songs for young children
J'aime chanter


Free access to resources to learn French with the family
Power Language


French songs for little ones
Madame Chadier


Video activities in French
Little French House


Free cultural videos online in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin
BBC Bitesize KS2


Free online interactive activities in French, Spanish and German
Languages Online


Free online stories read slowly in French
The French Experiment


Free independent research activities in French and Spanish
Lightbulb languages Languages


Free interactive French and Spanish resources
Lightbulb languages Languages