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EYFS / Year 1

Please note: The PowerPoint tutorials are meant to be viewed in 'Slideshow' mode so that each step-by-step explanations or transitions can be viewed in stages, which will make much more sense to the children.

Year 1 Non Screen Activities

Milne Class Virtual Tour (Reopening to EYFS children on 3rd June 2020)

English Hub - Supporting children by reading at home

In addition to the work packs being sent out, I have also sent out slips detailing your child's Numbots login information and have listed here a few interactive sites that your children may enjoy. If you are accessing these sites and games for reading and phonics, please make sure to check your child's pack for the correct phonic level (This will either be Phase 2 or Phase 3). In some cases, you will find they have both the Phase 2 and Phase 3 tricky word pack because these children are right on the cusp. If both of these are in your child's pack and you are wondering which phase to access online, I would suggest keeping with phase 2 initially to continue developing blending skills.


Top marks - Free Tablet and PC friendly games for Maths and Literacy.


Twinkl -


A wide range of printable resources as well as online games (see Twinkl Go!)


Phonics play - A dedicate site for phonic and reading games, currently completely free with the login details:

Username: march20   password: home.


Busy Things - Free Trial available for 7 days. Good range of games across curriculum including Science and ICT etc.