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Who's Who

Headteacher     Miss Debra McGrail
Class teachers
        Miss Julie Easton                                          Milne Class  (Foundation Stage and Year 1); KS1 Co-ordinator
        Mrs Gia Middleton                                         De la Mare Class  (Year 1 and Year 2); Monday - Thursday

        Mrs Kara Macleod                                         De la Mare Class on Friday

        Mrs Sarah Hilling                                           Year 1 (mornings Mon - Thurs); De La Mare Class (Friday)
        Mr Liam Hughes                                            T S Eliot Class  (Year 3 and Year 4)
        Mrs Sue Mithen  & Joanne Davis                  Longfellow Class  (Year 4 and Year 5)
        Mrs Amy Holland                                           Blake Class  (Year 6); Deputy Headteacher
        Mrs Sarah Esteve                                          SENCO
Bursar                                   Mrs Michelle Smith
Secretary                              Mrs Karen Hanson 
Learning Support Assistants / Lunchtime Controllers

                                                Mrs Jodie Jerome
                                                Mrs Lisa Mitchell 

                                                Mrs Laura Rice 

                                                Mrs Julie Baker

                                                Miss Sarah Pearce

                                                Mrs Amanda Prince

                                                Mrs Janet Leach

                                                Miss Sarah Pearce



Lunchtime Controller           Mrs Denise Lynch


Pediatric First Aider

                                        Mrs Jodie Jerome

                                        Miss Julie Easton