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E Safety

St Nicholas publishes a set of rules for the use of computers and mobile devices at school. All children sign up to these rules in a section of the Esafety Policy. These rules are shown below.
Our School Esafety Guidelines
We use the school computers and the internet for learning. These rules will help us to be fair to others and keep everyone safe.
·        I will not tell anyone my password.
·        If I think someone knows my password I will tell a teacher straight away.
·        I will not look at or delete other people's files.
·        I will only use the computers at school when a member of staff is present and has said I can.
·        I will not use text talk on the learning platform or in emails.
·        I will not send nasty or teasing messages to people.
·        I will not give out my home address or any phone number or arrange to meet anyone over the internet, even a friend.
·        If I see anything I am unhappy with or I receive a message I do not like I will tell a teacher as soon as I can.